Hello world!

Hello World I am happy to become apart of the blogging world, i look forward to new and better things and i want to give a sShout Out to my Prof Micheal Smith because he inspired me to create this blog, actually this was part of an assignment, but nevertheless its something that I am proud to have and will definitely keep.  I look forward to the support and feedback of other bloggers this is a new way to socialize and at the same time a place to learn and receive help, so look forward for more post from me, hope I can be usefu land of good interest to you. Lets get Blogging!!! 🙂


Get Up and Get to Work!!

I honestly believe that in order to make a difference you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone.  You have to constantly remind yourself of your goal and reason for being in the place you are, which in our case are  classrooms.  I beleive that most educators have become content and has hung their hats with what works because they never had a goal or vision or they stopped believing.  My fingers are not enough to count the amount of teachers that I  have seen and come in contact with that are passionless and uninspired, they are there to do their “job” get paid and move on.  Their is no zeal and no expectation to move beyond what they are currently doing.  The video that revealed students Vision of College today is not just happening in college but in every area of education.  We as educators need to stop compromising and start giving our best.  The students deserve the best, not some washed up lesson plan that has been used for 20 years as professor stated, we need to remember why we are educators.  We are supposed to create new experiences that will challenge and stimulate the minds of others.  To be called an educator you need to also educate yourself, this is part of our responsibility as an educator.  It is time to get uncomfortable and creative.  Let’s move forward and make a difference.

ERobot (Building Bot for Essays ( Maker video)

Hey, this is a video of what I plan to make to help benefit my future students as a future educator.  What I originally intended to be hand made instruments turned out to be a Robot like diagram that will help students understand the structure and significance of an essay.  Many students do not understand the importance of the order in an essay but presented in a body like manner, I believe will drive it home and make it more clearer.  Here’s a video of me starting my process on the ERobot its not yet done but it is in the making. I do apologize for the angle, hope you did not break your neck trying to watch this video 🙂

All it Takes is One, Mimi Ito

Mizuko also known as Mimi Ito is a research scientist,Writer and Professor at Kelo University.  She is an individual that researches how teenagers and youths communicate using new media. Mimi Ito is currently the PI of the  Digital Youth Project and is focused on how youth engage with new media individually and collectively. In the Ignite Talk Saturday Mimi explained and expressed her opinions on how new media that youth are using to communicate and express themselves can be included in education, to create a diverse learning environment .


One of the quotes that interested me was when she stated “we can no longer talk about educational opportunity as simply putting kids through standardized pipelines in a digital era where learning is highly distributed…” 
The second quote i really enjoyed was when she stated ” We need to come  together as  coalition around the vision of learning that isn’t about where its not about pushing all kids down the same narrow pipeline to success…”

[iframe src=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/embeddedform?formkey=dHFUejFPYmJ1VmN5LTNJSS00c3RJOHc6MQ” width=”580″ height=”1284″ frameborder=”0″ marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″]

New Way of Life aka Education

Hey as I was doing the Ds106 assignment I was wondering how i would apply such tools and assignments in my classroom.  After i did the Montage assignment I realized that things would be an awesome idea to implement in a highschool environment seeing that i am an English major I would have the class read a certain play, novel or short story and ask them to respond to it using a montage. Through this montage I want them to expalin their favorite quote or part of what they read.  This will be fun and allow them to be engaged and excited about homework or applications which is what one of my professors called it to make it sound less boring and demanding to students. There is so much I can do using Digital storytelling.  I was also thinking how to explain theme using a montage and how frequently it has to constantly appear in order for it to be a solid theme.  I also thought about how i could use sound cloud to explain tone and the effects of tone in both when reading a play or novel and the significance of it.  This is a video of my response after I have read the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare.  This is an example of what my students would do, the objective is to assess and understand reading comprehension and to have fun!!, hope you enjoy it 🙂

Dance With Me

I can honestly say that i have underestimated this video assignment on DS106 but i am proud to say that i enjoyed it. I finally learned how to  make videos and how to use Movie maker to do it.  This will not be the last time I will do something like this.  This is definitely a good skill to learn. Hope you can enjoy it i tried my best. I named this Montage Dance.

By the way i contested this video and it was permitted


This is the new Montage that i have posted and it is emphasized on dance, this assignment allowed me to tell a story through video and this is a great tool for the classroom because it is a way to connect with this current generation. This tool will allow students to be engaged and motivated in learning.  Students will be excited to enhance their academics not only because its something they can relate with but also because its fun.  The first video is the one that was taken down and the second one was able to go through, if you want to comment on the difference feel free to compare and contrast





The Sound Of Grace

I knew i would i would choose this assignment ever since the professor showed it to us in class, on Ds106  I get to use the two things i like, which is music and writing.This assignment was very fun for me because it allowed me to be creative in telling a story through the titles of songs i listen to.  I think this concept is cool and hope others enjoy it.